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Site Activity Updates

Here you’ll find past updates on activities undertaken at the project site.  The most recent update is located on the home page.

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December 20, 2017  --  Construction activity will continue throughout the winter, weather permitting.  We’re on track to construct the turbine foundations by spring, with construction of the turbines following that.  We still anticipate being fully operational in the fall 2018.
October 23, 2017 -- Activity continues at the project site.  Our plan is to construct the turbine bases between now and next spring, with turbine erection sometime after that.  We're aiming to be fully operational by fall 2018.  The turbine towers and blades will be built in Ontario, as well as the padmount transformers (used to increase the voltage in order to reduce line loss, and sits inside the turbine tower).  In addition, virtually 100% of the development and construction labour will be from Ontario residents.
September 25, 2017 --  A relatively small portion of the site contains Blanding’s Turtle habitat, and the MOECC has asked us to temporarily avoid construction in those areas until we clarify the conditions we are working under.  The majority of the site does not contain such habitat, and construction continues. 
September 13, 2017 -- Over the next couple of weeks, residents can expect to see mobilization of equipment to the project site, and potential clearing activities and some internal access road construction (on private land).
April 26, 2016 - The Environmental Review Tribunal provided a decision regarding APPEC’s request for a stay of activity. The panel upheld the motion for specific project locations; however, wpd is able to proceed with vegetation clearing and other activities on the remaining project lands.
April 20, 2016 - Still awaiting the ERT decision regarding APPEC's motion to stay clearing activities.
April 11, 2016A temporary stay of work has been issued.  A Blanding’s Turtle was spotted along County Road 13, and this was presented to the ERT as evidence that the turtles have come out of hibernation early.  The panel had very limited time on Friday to consider the evidence brought forward by all sides, but has indicated they want to further consider this information and deal with the matter fairly quickly.  In the interim, they have told us to stop the clearing activity taking place on private property.  wpd accepts that it has a responsibility to ensure that Blanding’s Turtles are protected;  in fact, the REA contains conditions to mitigate harm to the Blanding’s Turtle when they emerge from hibernation.  The condition calls for wpd to have an expert onsite after May 1st, when the turtles normally come out of hibernation, however we have already implemented that condition.
April 5, 2016 --  Brush clearing began this week at various locations across the project site, and will continue for the next few weeks.